Sudio wireless earphones put music in my ears.

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I was recently approached by Sudio Sweden and offered a set of their Premium Earphones to try. For somebody that travels as much as I do, the ability to escape into music, a podcast or movie, while working, waiting or flying, has become a bit of a lifeline, yet I struggle to find the right ones.

Either they’re hurting my ears, or the wires are getting entangled, and I struggle to get it right. Actually the concept of wireless headphones is revolutionary, especially when they look as beautiful as these do, and offer the highest quality of sound engineering.

That will no longer be the case with the Vasa Blå Rose Gold White earphones that I chose, opting for white to match my phone, but they also come in black, blue and pink. I instantly loved the minimalist and classy packaging, everything I want from technology. The rose gold detail on the earbuds adds a lovely touch and they sit simply around my neck, no tangling or knots.

Then for the sound that is crystal clear and so superior to the generic ones that came in with my phone, and because I don’t have to worry about being ‘plugged in’ to any device, my hands are free, and so is my phone, to go about other jobs. They have up to 24 hours of wireless playtime – perfect for long haul flights – and can be paired with any Bluetooth compatible device. The white leather pouch adds a perfect touch of class.

The Sudio Story

A brand born out of Stockholm, a city that nurtures several iconic companies, the founders were inspired to embrace their Swedish heritage when creating Sudio. The name stems from a charming incident when one of the founders spotted the musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphones. With the frustration of not yet being able to offer any better alternative to Phil, the only words he could utter were: “trust me I know the feeling,” as they shared eye contact.

The name Sudio is a homage to the Phil Collins song Sussudio and the determination of succeeding with the venture, which they certainly have. Making earphones is an art and Sudio have proudly chosen to hand make much of the product. This commitment matched with carefully sound engineered and a design team that has their sleek look suiting every occasion, whether it’s listening to music in your evening best, or taking some relaxed time out on the beach, has brought us a groundbreaking product.

Already well established in Europe, Sudio is now thankfully available in South Africa too.

They arrive in beautiful packaging that includes the Vasa Blå earphones with 4 pairs of extra sleeves, Owner’s Manual & Quality Assurance Card, gorgeous white Genuine Leather Carrying Case, Metal Clip, Charging Cable and Battery. The sound is delivered by a carefully tuned driver and amplifier offering a true studio experience.

If you’d like a pair yourself, feel free to use my code INCIDENTALTOURIST15 which will entitle you to 15% off. Shipping is free and impressively quick, I ordered mine on Friday and they arrived by Tuesday and included in the package was an adorable cloud patterned cover for my iPhone 7. Love it.

* I received my Vasa Blå rose gold white earphones as a gift. Thank you Sudio Sweden. I’m smitten.

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