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Switzerland – There’s a romance to train travel. In this case much enhanced by the comfort of a first class cabin and its impressive curved windows, which allow a full panoramic view towards the impressive Alps.

We travelled from Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, to St Moritz and the next day onward to the Italian town of Tirano where we stopped for a pizza and cappuccino. As one does whilst moving through  

The area we contains Europe’s highest density of castles, there are mysterious gorges, world famous viaducts and 55 tunnels. 

Crimson coloured train carriages, quaint villages on hills and in valleys, church steeples peeping out above tree line and freshly fallen snow capped mountains in the distance. The beauty astounds, as do the impressive masterpieces of the art of civil engineering. Railways loop and climb within the mountain, circling as they gain altitude. At the one point we saw the same Church three times as we progressed.

We travelled through a UNESCO World Heritage site over railroads planned and laid out over a hundred years before. When tunnels were chiselled by hand men took on the height of the giants. 

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Read Switzerland and Beyond with Swiss International Airlines here. And on the official website for the Swiss Travel System.

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