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Meet 12 foot tall Adam at the Time Warner Centre. There’s an Eve too. And…

New York’s skyline from the Time Warner Building at dusk, Columbus Circle in the foreground,…

New York, Trump Towers, I’m not a fan of the man but there is glitz…

New York, Easter Saturday. CNN building showing time and temperature.

Musician and music loving friends, I happened upon a street lined with stores just for…

Loved this one, felt in my heart as I enjoyed MoMA on my own. Japanese…

Time Square Shopping, “Obama got Osama”.

Dawn Bradnick Jorgensen
My latest travel video below.

Botswana Tourism launched a Stay Home, travel tomorrow Campaign Video.

Botswana Tourism has launched an evocative 'Stay Home, Travel Tomorrow' campaign and allowed me to s…

The Incidental Tourist

The Incidental Tourist is a Personal Travel Blog of a conscious traveller with a deep love for Africa, its people and the environment.

Here I bring you narratives, stories, video and photographs from my travels around the globe, including accounts of gorilla trekking in Uganda, tree planting in Zambia, turtle rescue in Kenya, setting up temporary home in Lisbon, accommodation and restaurant reviews, as well as details of the conservation efforts that I support.

A self proclaimed earth advocate and beauty seeker, I invite you to join me and share In my love of sustainable impact travel – and the rich offerings of our beautiful world.

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Eco-Anxiety During the Climate Crisis: What It Is And How To Navigate It. Because it's a thing I know I feel. https://t.co/AcOfJqrbLJ
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For me, travel is about the people you meet along the way, share smiles and moments with, and who leave your day im… https://t.co/rHQ76KmEoJ
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