Tangled Tree Loves Travelling. A wine in a bottle that won’t break in your picnic basket.



Simonstown. – Tangled Tree. A wine with a love for travel.

Based in Robertson, Van Loveren Family Vineyards have a reputation for producing wines of consistent quality and good value, with a broad range that includes every day drinking wines that are widely available, as well as hand-crafted and sought after reserve champions.

Now taking their viticulture commitment to a new level for wine lovers who care for their surrounds and love travelling, with their Tangle Tree range of wines.

The Retief family, who are owners of Tangled Tree, have effectively stepped up their commitment to the environment by significantly decreasing their carbon footprint. This range is bottled in fully recyclable, unbreakable PET bottles which generates 50% less greenhouse emissions during the manufacturing process and enables wine lovers to enjoy a glass of their favourite tipple where glass bottles were previously not allowed.  The bottle is also light and doesn’t take up lots of space. Actually, it’s giving many an excuse to drink wine while supporting mother nature …

The wines not only pay tribute to a colourful family history, they also confirm the Retief’s commitment to sustainable wine making. The history shows that the range was inspired by one lady’s love of gardening and the famed tangled tree of Van Loveren which started a tradition of planting trees to mark significant family, political and historical events.  In 1941 Jean Retief ordered a Rhus Lancea tree from KwaZulu-Natal. Her husband Hennie was convinced that it was no different from the Karee that grew along their river and planted a shoot next to her tree. Their two identical trees have since intertwined into one magnificent tree which has come to symbolise their love for each other.  

These are the five flavours in the range:
-Tangled Tree Tropical Sauvignon Blanc with its abundant aromas of tropical fruit such as guava, melon and gooseberry with a crisp, fresh finish.
– Tangled Tree Butterscotch Chardonnay has expressive aromas of Butterscotch, Crème Brulee and delicate Citrus.
– Tangled Tree Moscato Rosé with upfront Muscat and Rose Petal flavours and a aromatic nose.
-Tangled Tree Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon oozes coffee and Mocha flavours, layered with Cassis and Blackberry notes.
– Tangled Tree Spicy Shiraz boasting a spicy nuance with rich and powerful Red Berry essence. My favourite.


‘Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.’
― Andre Simon

Learn more about Van Loveren Wines on their Website and at Twitter | Facebook | Instagram. Otherwise go straight to the Tangled Tree Wine source at www.tangledtree.com and Twitter | Facebook | Instagram or email them at: tangledtree@vanloveren.co.za.


Some notes:
– Bear in mind that wine doesn’t like too much variance in temperature so don’t leave it in the boot of a hot car while out and about. It will ruin.
– Van Loveren have gone to a lot of trouble to add a touch of green with their Tangled Tree range, but the onus is on us to actually recycle the bottles and not just put them in the garbage bin. Please make the effort to do so.

I was sent a box of mixed Tangled Tree Wine by Mira Weiner of Hot Oven Marketing www.hotoven.co.za, together with a branded notebook and pen. Those I’ve used, but I managed to exercise fair discipline and save the wine for my visit to Thalassa Seaside Cottage. Castle Rock, Simonstown. Thank you Mira and Van Loveren, simply delicious.


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