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Thailand. –  I met this guy at the Suvarnabhumi Airport or Bangkok Airport while there for an early flight to Krabi, one that would take me on to my next Green Pearls property, the Pimalai Resort and Spa

He doesn’t seem to be much of a morning person.

Called Askan-Mara, he is the Chief of Giants. Legend has it that he was given a special blessing which ensured that if ever his body was severed, it would form another body. The more body parts severed, the more new bodies he would be formed. 

Finally, Askan-Mara was stuck by a Phrommat arrow from Phra Ram’s bow and the power of the arrow was such that it blew all of his body parts into a river, preventing them from forming new bodies and he saw his end …

Today in the departure hall he is honoured with a row of figures. At a glance they all look the same, but each has different characteristics and a specific story to tell. If you have some time to spare, it’s worth reading them …

Another note regarding the airport, which has everything from a supermarket to a variety of food retailers, on the 2nd floor at the very end, there’s a Spa offering incredible head & shoulder, hand and foot massages at very good prices. Another good excuse to get there early.

Forgive the quality of the pic, taken by iphone, I was too lazy to unpack my camera in the moment.

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