The Angala Boutique Hotel in the Cape Winelands. A gift of wellbeing and rejuvenation.

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Angala Boutique Hotel & Guest House in the Cape Winelands is the ideal place to focus on your wellbeing – of every kind. I made it my base for a couple of nights to indulge in their hydrotherapy, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and ozone pool. As well as the quiet living so elegantly elevated by the mature garden, presence of angels and considerate hospitality.

The time at Angala left me reminded that sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to feel refreshed – in this case, surrounded by dramatic mountains and cascading vineyards. Plus the hydro focussed wellness facilities with their healing powers that the property takes such pride in and that I couldn’t wait to take advantage of. I indulged in long sessions in each, including booking a heavenly Shiatsu massage, just the gift for the resetting and rejuvenation I so badly needed.

It might have been a little chilly for a swim in the famed eco-pool that lies at the centre of the property, but that didn’t mean the water’s natural energy in the late afternoon sun didn’t do me all sorts of good. I settled there shortly after my arrival to listen to the trickling fountain, and the occasional emergence of a resident frog, or tadpole. The pool is kept sparkling clean by circulating it through a living ecosystem of water plants. The result is a lush indigenous aquatic garden cradling a clear, natural pool with perfectly clean water, soft on the skin as there is no salt or chemicals.

My Luxury Room had a large king-size bed, fireplace kept lit, in and outdoor shower, sun deck, and a secret garden, with all the required amenities and a little kitchenette. So convenient when you’re surrounded by wine farms and may want to bring home some cheese and wine after a day out exploring – not that I left the property.

I decided to go on my own this time, for a dose of solo travel, which was the perfect decision to allow the required contemplation and calm. My room was a literal hop and a skip from the hydro centre, which is where I spent time each day, rotating between the infrared sauna, steam room, and heated jacuzzi. I could literally feel the bad melting away to make space for the good as I soaked up the water’s energy.

The expansive lovingly tended gardens, numerous fountains and bird song all further appeased the nature lover in me. I took time to linger over the detail, pause and reflect, and do a whole load of writing on the sunny deck where renewed inspiration found me. Meals by Chef Maxwell and the attentive service by Donoval, Carmen, Dane and the team added to the incredible indulgence, with the two days feeling like a complete holiday.

A closer look at Angala Boutique Hotel

Angala Boutique Hotel & Guest House is a 5-star sanctuary located in the heart of the Cape Winelands, between the mountains of Paarl and Franschhoek. The property seamlessly integrates luxury with nature, giving you a truly magical and tranquil experience that allows your world to slow down, and for you to move into the much-needed disconnect we all seek. Indulge in local, wholesome produce at the in-house restaurant that serves breakfast lunch and dinner, catering for any dietary requests – including my vegetarian diet. There’s a wonderful wrap-around wooden deck with views towards the valley that catches the sun and is where I ensconced with coffee and treats to while away the day and do some writing.

Quote. A Vietnamese Thiền Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh who famously said ‘Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything.’ I could feel it there.

Wellness that Soothes the Soul

The wellness facilities at Angala are focused on water, just perfect for the water lover that I am.  The Ozonated Pool & Heated Plunge Pool offer wonderful hydrotherapy, reminiscent of natural hot-springs they offer healing for the body. Best combined with the Infrared Sauna & Steam Room, which I alternated my time in, reinvigorating my tired body with my skin cleansed and glowing, my soul and mood lightened. Water really is my element.

Health benefits of the steam room also include improving circulation, reducing blood pressure, clearing the sinus and lung congestion, opening up and releasing dirt from the pores of your skin and of course promoting muscle recovery and relaxation. All needed, especially as health is more of a priority than ever after the year that was. The radiant heat from the infrared sauna also penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues. I felt completely new and WISH these treatments could be a part of my everyday life.

Types of Accommodation

The Angala Boutique Hotel and Guest House offer a choice of 11 luxury rooms. Of these are the six Deluxe rooms with private verandas and direct access to a quiet section of the garden. There are four Luxury Rooms, which is what I was in, with private verandas, secluded gardens and wonderful views across the vineyards and mountain range. All have outdoor showers – amazing. Fireplace, spacious shared lounge and bedroom area. The rooms have great big King size beds, complimentary mini-bar, Nespresso machine and all amenities such as WiFi and Satelite TV. For even more privacy, take a look at the Private Garden Cottage. Romantically secluded from the rest of the hotel it really is a place to disappear for a while, especially with the private pool, spacious double shower, cosy lounge area with fireplace. There is plenty of space to work if needed and a full kitchen.

Wine Tasting, Restaurants and Activities Minutes Away

Three of South Africa’s top wine farms namely Vrede en Lust, Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons and Plaisir de Merle are within a 5km drive of Angala, with countless more hidden gems, farms and estates within easy reach. Over and above that are the many top restaurants just 10-30 minutes away, which can be enjoyed over lunch or dinner. An idea is to have a lovely lunch out and to bring back some treats from the estates that you visit – wine, cheese, bread – and enjoy it next to the fire after dark. If you like to combine your leisure time with activities, hike or cycle the mountain behind Angala or choose one of the numerous hiking trails in the area. For some spoiling, experienced therapists can do a range of treatments in the comfort of your room and you can ask the front desk to book a private yoga session in your own time or arrange for a yoga mat to practice at your own pace, which is what I did.

Angala’s Garden, a place to pause

I can’t remember when last I paused for long enough to appreciate the changing colours of the oak leaves or the rusty browns of the wintery vines. The intricate veins that run through them, the life they gave before surrendering to the change in season and letting go, making room for new growth when the time is right. Walking around the nourished and well-tended grounds at Angala, relaxed and finally quiet, I could do exactly that. Breath in the mustiness, feel the morning dew under my feet, touch the crisp textures, pay homage to the marvel that is the cycle of nature – and life. Looking out for the many beautiful angels delicately placed in flower beds and alongside pathways, guiding the way.

This is a garden that speaks to the senses, just like the rest of the property.

Angala is a destination of beauty, peace, tranquillity and contentment that has been shaped to celebrate its setting and provide a level of wellness that focusses on a balance of bliss and abundance.

It was such a gift to take the time away at Angala to focus on me and my wellbeing, and in such a beautiful place.

The Essential Details

For more information visit the Angala website or contact Carmen at and +2721 874 1366 or +2721 300 3395 for assistance. Definitely take a look at the local specials which offer incredibly good value, as well as the retreats regularly hosted at this soulful property.

Accidental autumnal hues at Angala Boutique Hotel and Guest House in the Cape Winelands.

Thank you to all at Angala for hosting me and to Mira Weiner of Hot Oven Marketing for making the arrangements. As always, a perfect match and I remain most grateful x.

** Most pics are mine, a few supplied.

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