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Taking a photo is like pushing pause on time.“

Recently I had a mail from Jessica Fowlds of Jonsson Workwear telling me about the amazing Jonsson Journey and their Legacy Hunter who is travelling around Southern Africa in search of Everyday Unsung Heroes.

The journey is being captured through the lens of incredible photographer and adventurer Kyle Mijlof. Armed with a red Land Rover and camera, Kyle has embarked on a 9-month journey of a lifetime capturing stories of impassioned, purpose driven individuals, dressed in the brand.

Chefs, conservationists, firefighters, sports teams, tour guides, pointsmen, security, fly fishermen, travellers, police, workers, cleaners, shop attendants and dreamers.

Everybody has a story and I’m thrilled to be able to follow them here.

Have a look at the people with  purpose who have already been introduced. But allow enough time as each story and individual is worth the time, respect and recognition.

Such admiration for Jonsson Workwear, Kyle and this road trip of a difference. I love our people and how The Jonsson Journey is honouring them.


And a look at some of the stories captured:







Watch this video for more on Kyle and follow the Jonsson Journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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