The Top 5 Must-Do’s While Visiting Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica is known for many things, and whether you’ve been once or three times, visiting this beautiful, Central American country is a privilege not to be taken lightly. If you’ve got a trip on the books for Costa Rica, chances are you want to make the most out of your trip and are looking for things you must do while there.

Keep reading for all the essentials you’ll want to take part in while visiting this majestic country known for much more than just pristine sandy beaches and volcanoes. 

Pick Up a Souvenir

You’ll want to keep the idea of picking up a souvenir to remember your trip at the forefront of your mind as you go. Some visitors to Costa Rica are surprised to learn that you can use US dollars while travelling there, so finding the perfect memento for your trip is easy and seamless. Some souvenirs or gift ideas the country is known for are hot sauces, wooden statues, paintings by local artisans, and bamboo clothing. No matter which type of souvenir you go with, seek something that speaks to you as you explore the region on this trip of a lifetime. 

Jardins da Cachoeira de La Paz

One of the most majestic and must-see sights in Costa Rica is the Jardins da Cachoeira de La Paz. There you can explore five glorious waterfalls as you walk through paved trails, which makes it convenient for people of all ages and abilities. One of the best parts of this locale is the Cloud Forest. This centre also features a wildlife refuge that is home to the largest aviary and butterfly observatory in the country. Whether you’re travelling with young children or are young at heart, you’ll delight in seeing jaguars, pumas, spider monkeys, and other native animals in their natural environment, as well as Toucans and many species of hummingbirds. 

Costa Rican Coffee Plantations

Some might say that if you haven’t had coffee from Costa Rica – whether you purchase your blends online, or at a local coffee shop – you haven’t really had coffee. Lovers of smooth, rich morning brews should add a trip to the source to their travel bucket lists. The coffee you wake up with on your Costa Rican trip will change your life and visiting a Costa Rican coffee plantation is highly recommended while you’re there. Some renowned plantations worth visiting are Hacienda Espiritu Santo, Doka Estate, and Santa Maria de Dota Coffee Plantation. Depending on where in Costa Rica you’re staying, you’ll want to find one closest to your resort or hotel, but visiting a coffee plantation is for everyone, and make sure to bring some beans home!

Tortuguero National Park

If one of your main motivations for visiting Costa Rica was to marvel at its natural beauty, visiting Tortuguero is a must-do. This beautiful park is only accessible by small plane or boat, adding personalization and uniqueness to the visit. You’ll see the wildlife along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast here, and you can find them wandering the beaches and through the rainforest and mangroves. One of the most exciting sights at Tortuguero is the sea turtles, so if your trip is between February and October, be prepared for an experience you’ll always remember. 

Cloud Forests

One of the most unbelievable experiences in Costa Rica, which makes it an essential addition to any trip there, is to experience the Cloud Forests. Costa Rica’s highlands are sprinkled with areas of lush greenery that are humid enough to maintain consistent cloud coverage. The tropical climate and temperatures are subdued by the heavy clouds, which allows the plants and wildlife in Costa Rica to thrive. Monteverde Rainforest is perhaps its best-known Cloud Forest, but other spots worth mentioning are Angeles Cloud Forests, Central Highlands Cloud Forest, and the Bajas Del Toro Cloud Forest. 

Other sights worth considering are, of course, the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, especially for those who want a more nightlife-centred vacation, The Arenal Volcano area, and of course, activities like snorkelling, white water rafting, and zip lining for those with a more adventurous spirit. There is something for everyone in this beautiful country; it’s just a matter of finding your interest and pace with your limited time there. Those mentioned above, however, are must-dos for everyone, regardless of age or interests.

Enjoy all this gorgeous country has to offer by including them in your itineraries.

And let me know how it went!

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