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The world right now. – Like most of us, I am heartbroken by the violence in the world right now. By the senseless and brutal attacks on Brussels, Istanbul, Ivory Coast’s Grand Bassam, Syria, Paris, Bagdad, Kenya, Russia and beyond. 

How innocent people become victims while going about their daily lives; commuting, enjoying time with friends, facing their own daily struggles, loving, laughing, simply being – is devastating. It could be anybody on any given day, yet my wish and prayer is that it will nobody, ever. 

This Tintin cartoon by Jerm not only cries out for the atrocity in Brussels, but for the loss of innocence in the world. The loss of lightness and freedom and unrivalled bravery and travel and adventure that ‘Tintin and Snowy’ have always represented. 

It’s sad and poignant and I wish it wasn’t true.

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