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My beloved sunny South Africa is abundant with some of the world’s most alluring places to visit. Hermanus, found in the Western Cape Province’s Overberg region, is one of these amazing destinations. If you are exploring around Cape Town, you will find this town only a couple of hours southeast of the city. 

Being at the seaside, you’ll come across beautiful beaches and many thrilling activities to enjoy. I’m going to share some of these with you. This is so that you will know what to expect during an adventure in this popular, coastal destination. If you’re not close by, you can always look at flight specials to the Western Cape to save money on your holiday to the town. 

Here is a complete list of the most exciting things to do in Hermanus.


Hermanus, South Africa is most famously known as the ultimate whale-watching destination. A trip to this charming town would not be complete without spotting these majestic mammals. The most popular place to enjoy sightings is at Siever’s Point. You will also likely to spot these animals from the beaches. But, If you’re really keen to get the best vantage point, then hop on a boat and head out to sea. 


One of the most fun Hermanus activities to enjoy is ziplining. This seaside town offers the perfect landscapes for you to whizz through on a zipline tour. You can book your Tree Top Zipline Tour with SA Forest Adventures and join in on one of the most scenic things to do. Expect to pay R500 per person. The most popular route is the one that extends to the Poplar Trees and Canyon. The slides range between 20 meters to 200 meters, and they allow you to control your own speed. Your entire tour will last just under 2 hours, making it an excellent activity to squeeze into a busy itinerary. Glide over a waterfall, see the many coastal forest trees and be surrounded in beauty as you are along 11 impressive cable routes. 


Being a coastal town, watersports are a must for every visitor. Also, they’re one of the most engaging things to do in Hermanus. Kayaking invites you to skim the welcoming waters, whilst also giving you breathtaking views of the surrounding mountainscapes. This activity gives you the chance to seals and whales as well as enjoy a unique perspective of the gorgeous, seaside cliffs. You can book your kayaking tour with Walker Bay Adventures and choose between two amazing types of adventures. You can take a trip along the beautiful Klein River, or glide across the sea, starting at Old Harbor. 


Enjoy a fun-filled award-winning adventure for the most fun on two wheels. Take a guided tour on a world-class 6km ride down the Walker Bay Nature Reserve’s huge sand dune field. The tour is guided as a fun, thrilling, breath-taking adventure and good for all levels of rider. Learn about the Wildlife and Fynbos as we navigate our way from the Mountain down to the stunning Die Plaat beach. From 8 years old up. Visit www.fatbiketours.co.za to learn more and book your ‘bucket-list’ adventure.


When in a town as full of impressive mountain landscapes as Hermanus, it is essential to go hiking. A handful of the hiking trails are easy enough for all types of travellers to go along.  These routes and paths include: 

Contour Path (4.3 km) – Found in FernklooF Nature Reserve, this path suits all skill levels. This hike is known for having stunning wildflowers to admire along the way.  

The Cliff Path (12 km) – The most famous hike in Hermanus, the Cliff Path is found along the scenic coastline of Grotto Beach. It includes stops at many gorgeous beaches where you can relax and enjoy the views and maybe spot some whales.

Fernkloof Nature Reserve Trail (14km) – The park’s official trail is a real treat for anyone visiting Hermanus. It features ancient forest habitats, beautiful landscapes, wildflowers, 3 dams and a unique look over the coastline.

Grab your hiking shoes, backpack and water bottle and gear up for an incredible venture through the natural surrounds of Hermanus. 


Whether you’re a surfing pro, or you’ve never been on a surfboard before, this is the perfect chance to ride the waves. The ocean water is magnificent, with the ideal breaks for surfers. And, If you’re a beginner and want to learn how to surf, you can book a lesson with Hermanus Surf School


There are countless ways to make the most of the idyllic coastal beauty of Hermanus. Parasailing is just one of the many must-try watersports to partake in whilst on holiday here.  Fly across the ocean whilst safely strapped into a harness, guided by the wind. This is a great activity to enjoy in Hermanus town.


Hermanus is home to one of South Africa’s most astounding historical landmarks, known as the Klipgat Caves. These mysterious, ancient caves were formed over one million years ago from the erosion of the underwater aquifers. It is one of the must-see Hermanus tourist attractions. They were inhabited by the Middle Stone Age people, as well as the Khoikhoi (the Late Stone Age people). Of all the caves you will discover here, the most popular is the ‘stone hole’.


If you love wine tasting and picturesque drives, then you will be amazed by the Hemel-en-Aarde (Heaven and Earth) Valley. It is one of the best wine routes in the Western Cape, and the fertile soil provides the perfect place for premium grapes to grow. Vineyards stretch along the entire valley, with over 15 world-class wineries waiting to be explored. It is a huge part of Hermanus tourism, providing some of the most delicious wine tastings. 

Here are some of the best wineries to see along this route.

Bouchard Finlayson. One of the vineyards known for pioneering Pinot Noir in South Africa, it is a must-visit. Be sure to fill your glass with Galpin Peak, one of the tastiest types of Pinot Noir. Although this winery is most famous for the Pinot Noir, you will also find incredible Chardonnay. 

Hamilton-Russell Vineyards. Their first vintage bottle was released in 1982 and has won the hearts of many. Over and above providing world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, you can also sample mouthwatering extra virgin olive oil and fynbos honey.

Creation. For those wanting to indulge in superior quality Viognier, Syrah and Grenache – there is nowhere better to visit than Creation. Journey high up into the mountains of the valley and visit Jean-Claude and Carolyn Martin on their vineyard for delectable sundowners. 


Spending a day on the beach has never been more pleasant than when in Hermanus. This seaside town boasts some of the most stunning beachscapes for you to soak up some vitamin sea. Enjoy beaches like the Grotto Beach, Langbaai Beach, Vermont Beach and Voëlklip Beach. These sandy havens are every beach-lovers dream come true. 


Opening times: Summer (September to March) : 6:00 am – 7:00 pm daily and in Winter (April to August) : 7: 00 am – 7:00 pm daily. Journey to the Kleinrivier Mountains and be enthralled by the glorious beauty of the Fernkkloof Nature Reserve. Have the chance to see many of the most fascinating and beautiful species that call the park home. With 1,800 hectares of wilderness, mixing between coastal and inland habitats, there is plenty to see. There are many shrubs (also known as ‘fynbos’), indigenous plants and animals. You can look forward to spotting Cape grysbok, klipspringer, baboons, Grey rhebok and mongooses whilst here.


Opening times: Wednesday – Sunday: 12:00 am – 2:30 pm. Cuisine in Hermanus is tasty and flavoursome, and South Africa’s culture is reflected in the meals. One of the best places to see (or taste) this for yourself is at Moggs Country House. It is a quaint, elegant and simplistic restaurant surrounded by the scenic landscapes of the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Meals are prepared with fresh farm produce and all the products are homemade. The seasonal menu will surprise and delight your taste buds, making this the ultimate place to have a bite in Hermanus. Booking is essential.

There are many reasons to go travelling, and being able to soak up the diverse features of new places is one of them. Hermanus offers visitors plenty of awesome activities that each allow you to enjoy the charming features of the town. Seaside wonder, ocean bliss and adventure are the order of the day.

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