Top 100 Travel Blogs For Serious Wanderlust. By Asher Fergusson.

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Asher Fergusson and his team from Asher Furgusson spent 100’s of hours putting together a comprehensive list of the ‘top 100 travel blogs in the world, as well as 150 other highly commended, must-read blogs for each destination. They are sorted by their rank and the country they cover most to find travel tips relevant to you – and I’m thrilled that The Incidental Tourist is included. There really are some incredible writers and photographers here and Asher and his evocative blog should be added to your list of those you’re reading.

See African travel Blogs to travel, where Roxanne Reid, Lauren Melnick of Wanderlust Movement and I are listed in the top 13. Thank you all for reading and for your ongoing support.


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