You could live the travel blogger lifestyle while exploring Europe this Summer.

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Busabout Travel Blogger

Ever dreamed of living the lifestyle of a travel blogger? Well, this could be your big break. Busabout, the expert in flexible travel, is seeking a team of four talented travel addicts to Snap, vlog, blog or Insta their way across Europe this summer for an all-expenses paid adventure worth over R80 000.

Whether you’re a pro at capturing the perfect angle to make a picture pop or a master at inducing travel lust in a 10-second clip, there’s a spot on the team for you. Each member of Busabout’s Ultimate Travel Squad will be selected based on their talent for creating content in their chosen social platform; one Instagrammer, one blogger, a vlogger and a Snapchatter or Instagram Stories creator. If this sounds like you and your best mates, you can even enter as a group.

Secure a place on Busabout’s Ultimate Travel Squad to create envy-inducing social posts, and receive an all-expenses paid, three month trip across Europe.

The selected four members of the Ultimate Travel Squad will explore Europe on Busabout’s Hop-on Hop-off private door-to-door coach network over three months, from early June to early September 2018. Each member of the squad will experience an unforgettable adventure worth over R80 000, which includes an Unlimited Hop-on Hop-off Pass, accommodation, spending money plus a bonus fee at the end of the trip! Return flights from South Africa will be included on top of this.

The itinerary will tick off some of Europe’s trendiest hot spots like Lake Bled, Krakow and San Sebastián, and venture off-the-beaten track to hidden gems like the hikers’ paradise of Grünau in Austria, and adrenaline junkie haven of Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. Plus, the squad’s epic three-month adventure will culminate with a week sailing in Croatia.

How to Apply

To apply for a spot on the squad, all you need to do is select your preferred social platform (Instagram, Snapchat/Instagram Stories, YouTube or Blogspot) and record a 60-second video showcasing why you’re the only person for the position. Extra points will be awarded for creativity. Those wishing to apply as a duo, or a group of three or four, can submit a video together, ensuring to select a different social platform for each person. Videos can be submitted on the Busabout website here and entries are open until mid-April 2018.

Last year, Busabout was on the hunt for two travel addicts, a Brand Ambassador and Video Producer, to fill two positions advertised as the Best Job in the World. This summer, the opportunity is bigger and better than ever as Busabout is doubling the number of places available by creating a whole squad of hungry content creators.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

For more information about Busabout and the Hop-on Hop-off coach network, visit To apply for the Ultimate Travel Squad visit

More about Busabout

Every day Busabout (, the free-spirited travel expert, connects travellers from all over the world to epic adventures worldwide. Through its unique Hop-on Hop-off network in Europe, Busabout seeks to enrich the lives of guests with the choice of flexible travel. Neither a traditional tour nor a totally independent trip, Busabout’s Hop-on Hop-off network offers travellers the best of both worlds with the flexibility to experience Europe their way, the added support of door-to-door service, freedom to create a personalized itinerary, and a Busabout Guide and Driver. The brand’s modern coaches link up 47 of the best European destinations, allowing travellers to choose where they go and how long they stay at each place.

Busabout is part of a group of companies that share the same fun-loving attitude – Haggis and Shamrocker Adventures offer the very best in backpacking adventures in Scotland and Ireland.

Busabout Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

The Essential Details

Busabout and The Travel Corporation are committed to ensuring the environment and communities we visit remain vibrant and preserved for generations to come. To learn more about our past and current work at TreadRight. For more Information contact Amanda Hardy at (011) 280 8400 or 083 308 7447 | Fingers crossed you’ll be the lucky one.

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