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#nomadgorillas. – I’m a great believer in the idea that the more organised I am, the less likely it is I’ll need any of the contingency plans set in place. Which makes me a pretty sorted traveller.

I keep a credit card and some cash separate, have a copy of my passport stashed away, leave next of kin’s names easy to find, provide loved ones with a copy of my routing and details of the places I am staying at and check in regularly. And I ALWAYS take out travel insurance.

No, these measure do not detract from the freedom and fun of my experience. I simply take an hour of my time before each trip, in return for peace of mind. That means that if I fall up the stairs whilst eating gelato in remote Umbria, the gorgeous Italian that rescues me, will know how best to take care of me. A good deal really!

That in mind, when I was contact by Natalie Toweel of TravelInsure last year about working together, I knew that the opportunity would arise. It did – with #nomadgorillas, a rather brave and wondrous adventure I was booked on.

Travelinsure agreed to sponsor three of us for the two week trip with Nomad Tours & Adventures viz. myself, Liz Broadley and Chris Karsten with comprehensive travel insurance. Generous to the fault and providing us with peace of mind and the security blanket we needed.

The service was outstanding, the communication best and I would like nothing more than to recommend Travelinsure for your travel insurance.  I am certainly hoping to align myself to them on all my future travels. A little bit about the company:

Travelinsure Travel Insurance was the first company in South Africa to introduce a comprehensive system where you can quote and buy travel insurance online enabling us to supply low cost, high quality, travel insurance cover.

They were also the first travel insurance company in South Africa to become carbon neutral.  Every time you buy a policy a percentage of the purchase goes towards sustainable projects in Mozambique which offset any of the carbon we expend in providing you with a travel insurance policy. 

Travelinsure offers 8 different products ranging from Students (16-30 years) to Seniors  (70-80 years old inclusive); Budget to Leisure to Business; Africa & Asia as well as cover for visitors to South Africa. There is a discounted rate for groups of 10 or more people travelling together. 

On a number of the policy types they offer Frequent Traveller Insurance. This is ideal if you travel often in a year. Instead of buying travel insurance every time you travel, you just buy the Frequent Traveller insurance once and you are covered. There are no restrictions on the number of trips that you make in and out of the country. It also saves you time  and money. The only restriction is that each time you leave South Africa, the maximum period of your cover is 90 days.

Thank you Natalie and team for all. What a delight to work with you. Follow Travelinsure on their Facebook page or contact Natalie by mail.  This is a company that you’ll want to contact when next travelling.

ps. Pleased to report that we are all home from Rwanda and Uganda sans incident. There. You see. I was organised and I never needed it. But if I did – Travelinsure had me covered!



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