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Solo Travel

Sometimes you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and move out for a little while. Work and responsibilities can weigh on your shoulders sometimes, and it’s only a matter of time before you cave under pressure.

Taking a break and going on vacation is one of the best ways to refresh and give yourself that shot in the arm you need to carry on. With restrictions lifted, it’s time to get back out there and see what the world has to offer. However, we would recommend starting with your home country first.

Travelling solo is a great way to discover latent parts of your personality. Not only is this a time for you to reflect on your future, but it’s also the chance to appreciate the here and now. Hence, we think a nature retreat is one of the best ways to spend your me-time.

Whether it’s in the mountains or coastline, with mother nature as your only companion, you will surely have a memory or two to look back on. This article will talk about some tips that you should consider to truly enjoy your solo travel. This is the me-trip you have been working so hard for. Read till the end for tips on how to make it great.

Live in luxury

If you are looking to recuperate mentally and physically, it would be best to avoid camping expeditions and whatnot. Surely you want to have some active fun but coming back to a nice luxury room has a special charm. Especially if you are in the mountains like the Smoky Mountains, consider renting an authentic cabin to truly appreciate the experience.

You could book a Gatlinburg cabin with pool and other facilities for a relaxing vacation. With the mountains and raw nature all around you, a luxury cabin, and a pool, there isn’t much else that you could ask for. Most people cite maintaining a tight budget as one of the most important factors of a solo trip. It depends on what you want. Some people want that extra touch of luxury; others just need a place to crash. Pick and choose what suits you best.

Solo Travel

Try and cook your own meals

Picking and choosing where you want to save money is an extremely common aspect of the vacation process. If you are spending a large chunk of cash on your accommodations, consider saving some on your food situation. Many facilities have on-site cooking options, and if they don’t, consider taking a burner stove with you.

Surely your trip won’t be too long, so getting by on the basics won’t be too much of an issue. Cooking your own little meals Is a great way to cut costs! You may not realize it, but eating out too often can cost you a significant chunk of cash.

Don’t know how to cook? Consider taking a few courses or watching some Youtube videos. It isn’t all that complicated, and a few instructional demos will have you ready in no time! When all else fails, live off sandwiches!

Pack light

If it is just you finding your way around on your solo trip, make sure you don’t pack too many clothes or belongings. Tough it out with what you have and figure out the rest. You will almost always have the option to wash your clothes wherever you go if you plan to extend your trip. Moreover, carrying your baggage is easier when there is less stuff!

Packing too heavily will require you to constantly keep a close eye on your belongings and have you second guessing whether you have packed everything.

Keep it simple and wing the rest. This is your chance to be alone with yourself and make your way through this time without any help. Sometimes a little bit of struggle and working things out is a great way to figure out how resilient you are as a person. It may be something as mundane as managing your clothes on a trip; however, in the grander scheme of things, these little efforts all add up.

Take a tour of the city you are in

At least one day of your vacation should be dedicated to exploring the city you are currently visiting. It would be tragic if you visited a location and didn’t truly appreciate all it had to offer. Being in a new town, even a neighbouring one, gives you a different perspective on how people live.

We all know that a world exists outside of our bubble. However, to go out and experience it is a whole other thing. Even if you see it in the most minute of ways, merely being a part of something else is a very special experience.

If you can’t afford a cab to drive you throughout the city, consider renting a scooter or bicycle and going through the process yourself. Even if it seems like a drag to go through the process of renting a vehicle, the end goal will be worth it, we assure you!

Put the camera down

As much as you want to document your experience, take time to live in the moment. You are in a new place, experiencing new things, so please don’t see the entire trip through the camera’s eye. Trust us; the pictures won’t do justice to the memories you have stored in your mind (and heart).
In no way are we against taking pictures, but don’t live solely through the camera!

Go out and experience things for yourself, such as the fresh air, the smell of local cuisine, and your interaction with locals. The solo traveller is one who truly appreciates their surroundings and then pulls out the camera and documents the journey.

Solo Travel

There we have a few tips that we think are extremely important when it comes to travelling solo. Everyone must have a solo trip at least once to truly spend time with themselves and enjoy what the world offers.

From finding the right accommodation to living in the moment, we have covered a few things that could be extremely important factors in your travel diaries. Make sure you follow some if not all the tips for experiencing the charm of solo adventures.

Remain safe, enjoy your time, and live in the moment. You don’t know when you will get the chance to do this again!

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