Planting trees with a friend in Livingstone.

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Whilst in Livingstone I met up with friend and internationally renowned photographer Christian Ghammachi who happened to be in the area at the same time as me.

Currently travelling from Cape Town to Dubai as ‘one man, his camera and Two Wheels Across’, Christian came out to the Greenpop camp where he planted an Afzelia quanzensis tree with Uncle Benji. He named the tree Fate. Something which means much to him is evident from his recently tattooed forearm which holds the inscription – “A man’s character is his fate”.

Catch a glimpse of Christian’s incredible photographs at ChristianGhammachi.comI particularly love his elephant and wildlife features. Actually, I particularly like all of his work and am lucky enough to own a copy of his book 19 years. Subscribe to his Two Wheels Across YouTube channel right here to keep in touch with Christian’s adventures. Follow him on Twitter @TwoWheelsAcross for updates.


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