Trek For Big Cats. A fundraising and awareness campaign.

Trek for Big Cats

Trek for Big Cats

Trek for Big Cats founder member Gareth James Legg introduced me to their exciting expedition, asking me to help spread the word about the plight of the world’s iconic big cats and how they are hoping to make a difference.

The Trek for Big Cats team starts their unique challenge to conquer both Everest Base Camp and Kilimanjaro in November, with Gareth James Legg, Tracey Bruton and Timothy Jansen Van Vuuren proud to unveil their custom-built lion mascot. The lion, which is yet to be named, is the first of the mascots to be finalised and will be worn by the project’s founder, Gareth James Legg during Trek for Big Cats’ epic journey.

‘Trek for Big Cats is the brainchild of South African-born Gareth. After spending many years as a safari guide, his passion for the big cats and their environments led him to this next chapter in his conservation journey. Concerned by declining big cat populations due to hunting and habitat loss, Gareth was inspired to take action, and raise money for UK-based international wildlife charity Born Free.

Gareth, who now lives in Edinburgh, says: “It was only when I put the lion mascot on for the first time that the reality and enormity of this special expedition really sank in. I am even more determined now with the help of the mascots and my incredible team members Tracey Bruton and Tim Van Vuuren to be the voice for the voiceless – our endangered and iconic big cats and their environments.

“Most of my training has been in the hills and braids of Morningside so look out for the big male lion mascot. Don’t be scared to come and say hi and help pledge your paw print to the conservation of big cats and their wild habitats.”

The mascots have been custom-built in the UK by Frenzy Creative and designed to be as life-like as possible. The lion will shortly be joined by a leopard, which will be worn by environmentalist and Field Guide Tracey and a tiger, worn by the newly-announced team member, filmmaker and ranger, Timothy.

The expedition will take place throughout November, beginning in Nepal with the 17,600ft trek to the base camp of Mount Everest, an area which is home to a variety of big cat species such as the magnificent snow leopard. The team will then head to Tanzania, home to iconic African species such as the lion and the leopard, where they will attempt to reach the 19,340ft summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The team will visit primary schools in the Khumbu valley en route to Everest Base Camp, and also in Tanzania, to run educational activities with the children on the topic of wildlife conservation.’

Trek for Lions

Trek for Big Cats is both a fundraising campaign and a movement to create awareness around the plight of the world’s endangered and iconic cats.

Join the Pride

Trek for Big Cats, in collaboration with Nature Discovery and Makalu Adventure, are offering members of the public the chance to join our expedition team as we attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro and trek to Everest Base Camp. There is space for 20 Join the Pride members for each leg of our journey. Contact them directly to learn more.

The Essential Details

For more information connect with Gareth James Legg the Founding Member of Trek For Big Cats at Tel: +44 7568262297 and Email: Our website is and Facebook page Details provided. Should you wish to support, see additional information below.

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