Useful must-have travel apps for your next trip.

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For the modern-day traveller, the innovation around technology and travel apps has led to an improvement in the all-round holiday experience. For some, a trip to Europe with a mobile camera is a must, while for others, the desire to escape to a tropical island with an Amazon Kindle and Podcasts appeals.

This all comes into play alongside a whole host of other technology-based innovations which have gripped the industry, such as holding plane tickets and boarding passes on your smartphone and booking your next trip on the go. Apps are the most popular go-to option these days. For some – myself included, downloading an array of apps enables you to make the most of your time away.

Some apps are designed to help you locate nearby hostels, while others may be useful in finding the best places to eat in a foreign city. The fact that these services can be housed on tablets and smartphone means that your entertainment options, be it watching Hulu or listening to an inspiring Spotify playlist, are all available on one device alongside the functional apps that might help you as you go.

The variety of apps available is extremely diverse and it does, of course, depend on what your thoughts and interests are. There are some essential options people should consider, though. First up is an app many travellers can’t seem to get enough of, Flightradar24. Using Flightradar24, you can follow the traffic in the sky and track your flight around the clock. The app also helps users keep an eye on any delays, gate changes, cancellations, and a whole lot more. I use CheckMyTrip and Betternet too. Of course, Uber and Grab have revolutionised how we get around too.

Airbnb has become a must-have app

Airbnb is another useful tool for travellers, particularly if you’re aiming to move around without much of a plan and essentially find accommodation on your route. Or if booked in advance and want to communicate with your hosts. With Airbnb, you can find a home away from home with ease – as well as numerous experiences. The app is now operating in over 191 countries, therefore opening up a range of potential options for you should you need a place to stay in a foreign setting. You can even save your favourites and revisit them in the future, too.

One for anyone who struggles with packing, PackPoint makes what can become a tiresome task a breeze. Using PackPoint, you can create a customisable packing list ahead of any type of trip. All you do is answer a few questions about your holiday and then from there, the app will create a helpful packing list for you to cross off as you go along. Not only will it make your packing go more smoothly, but it’ll stop you from forgetting essentials.

Don’t forget to check Tripadvisor

Reading recommendations and reviews is necessary when visiting a new holiday destination. Not only do they enable you to gain an understanding of an area, but they can help you narrow it down to the must-see things once you’re there. A good app for this is Tripadvisor. You can find the best restaurants, access opening times, book tickets, and a great deal more. I’ve also taken to downloading the apps linked to museums and main attractions of the places I’m visiting, to give me insider info. I can always remove them once I’m back from my travels.

Can’t live without

XE Currency Converter is an excellent tool for currency conversion. The app keeps you in the know with any changing rates, you can check prices, and it works using up to 20 currencies at the time of writing too. Once you’ve saved some money, thanks to the aforementioned currency converter, you might fancy adding another country to your roster. In order to find cheap flights use Hopper. Helping you to locate the best deals by making sure you’re online at the best times, Hopper can save you big bucks.

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