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Interview. – Lynette Botha of Wanderer Blog kindly featured me in her Around the World series, asking me 20 questions about my travels. The why, the where, when and a little bit about my favourite places. An excerpt below:

1. I travel becauseevery encounter and destination brings a new lesson in life. It humbles, teaches me respect and inspires me to be a better person.
2. I write about it toto share with others the privilege of my experiences, to relive the moments and to have a travel journal to look back on.
3. The last place I visited for the first time wasAthens.
4. The place I’ll return to again and again isItaly.
5. The most luxurious place I have ever stayed was…  Singita Faru Faru in the Grumeti, Tanzania. Where I could watch the wildebeest migration from my bed.
6. The dodgiest place I ever went to wasan area on the outskirts of Paris where I decided not to get off the train.
7. If you’re on a budget travel to…  any of the SanParks properties; best value and beautiful diverse offerings.
8. My favourite hideaway in my country isjust outside my hometown of Wellington, you’ll find Bain’s Kloof – a wonderful place for walking in the mountains and swimming in the cool streams.
9. The top five places I’ve travelled to areMadagascar, Patagonia, Rwanda, Masai Mara and Grootbos Private Nature Reserve.
10. Three places I hope to visit this yearWhite Elephant Safari Lodge in Pongola. Any new African country. Russia.
11. One of the best-kept secrets isMcGregor, because it’s only an hour from Cape Town, with endless options for activities and accommodation, wine and bubbly, fine food, donkey loving, shopping and conversation.
12. Best meal I’ve ever had wasBreakfast at Majeka House. I could live in those flavours forever.
13. Best bar I’ve ever been to was inMatjiesfontein.
14. I’ll never return tothere’s nowhere I will never return to.
15. Five things I can’t travel withoutmy iPhone, my camera, my notebook, my floppy white hat and chocolate.
16. What I miss most when I travelmy best friend, who is my Pit Bull pup, Tuscan Storm.
17. My best travel moment ever wasGorilla Trekking in Uganda. The most incredibly emotional and meaningful experience.
18. Advice for those who’d like to do what you doPursue that dream; you don’t need qualifications or training, you just need time and passion. Start a blog, nurture it and make it proudly yours. From that love a following and opportunities will slowly arise. But mostly, do it for you.
19. My favourite travel writer / blogger isAnton Crone, who is now mostly doing work for Africa Geographic. I have mountains of admiration and respect for his meaningful work.
20. My top travel tip isdon’t talk yourself out of it. Travel near or far, in your own hometown or on a cross country road trip. Save money, avoid unnecessary spends and make it a priority to give yourself the gift of travel.


Discovering the caves of the Overberg with Grootbos Private Nature Reserve



Gorilla trekking in Uganda

For the whole interview read: Around the World with Dawn Jorgensen.

Read Lynette’s blog and stay in touch with her travels, lucky one is living in beautiful Seychelles right now.

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