While I breath, I will be their voice.

For the dogs who are cooked alive in Korea
For the dolphins that are gutted in Japan
For the whales hunted by the Norwegians
For the bulls stabbed to death in Spain
For the donkeys who are, in Nepal as plodders to death
For the foxes and badgers that are torn alive in England by the dogs of hunters
For the elephants that are tied and mutilated in India
For the bears, Bison and wolves shot in America
For the seals’ calves beaten to death in Canada and Iceland
For the rabbits that are skinned alive in China
For the kittens and puppies starving in Serbia
For all animals in laboratories, zoos, farming and circuses
For every animal on earth that must bear the cruel silence of human indifference’ 

I will be their voice.


** Via Knowing Sky on Facebook.

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