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Why do people surrender their homes and all the valuable possessions in it just to travel? Why should you choose to leave your successful career, family, pets, and friends for a faraway destination? These are genuine concerns that every aspiring traveller has, and that has stopped many people from following their passion. The truth is that the physical and psychological benefits of travelling are more than anyone can ever explain. Here are a few reasons why we travel and why you too should choose to travel.

Disconnecting from routine

If you have a regular job, you are probably caught up in tons of paperwork and unanswered emails right now. Sticking around the office seems like the only reasonable thing to do, but being there is driving you crazy. Your boss, family, parents, and friends may be placing outrageous demands and requests on you and everything in your life may seem to be falling apart.

What you don’t know is that working hard doesn’t always guarantee you success in life or in your career. You will be able to take the pressure for so long before collapsing from burn out and ruining everything you’ve worked so hard for. It is important to take a break and unplug from your routine – at least for a day. The trick is to leave your phone and computer at home and travel to a destination where no one will disturb you, where you will relax, recharge, and re-energise. By the time you come back, things will be looking much better.

Travelling gets you out of your comfort zone

When you travel and meet new people and new challenges, you grow as a person. You will never truly know what you are capable of until you challenge yourself to do things you’ve not done before in a country where people think and see things differently from you.

You may be a strong, resourceful, knowledgeable, and resilient person, but you will never know that until the day you will have no friends or colleagues to count on. When you come back from a week-long trip overseas – especially solo, your confidence will be boiling over and you will be in a better position to relate well with others.

It is healthy to travel

Stress, depression, and anxiety are among the most prevalent health challenges facing working adults today. If you leave the stress to build up for too long, you could easily develop heart disease, diabetes, or ulcers. And because travelling is a natural cure for a troubled mind, it is truthful to term it as a bankable preventative measure against the mentioned diseases – let alone being good for the mind and soul.

When you go hiking you improve your physical well-being. If you visit Italy and take a walking tour, for example, you will see many beautiful sites that may lead you to rethink your purpose in life. Besides improving your mental well-being, travelling gets you off the office chair and takes you to challenge outdoor terrains.

You will learn

We all love to hone our knowledge of different aspects of life. When we learn, we become wiser and we attract more respect and admiration from those around us, it is also immensely satisfying. There isn’t a better way to take lessons than to leave your home and go to live amongst unfamiliar people, traditions, and cultures.

When you learn about the history of a city or a given group of people from them, you understand it is better than when you read the same information from books. When you hike a mountain or camp in a faraway forest, you get to understand its geography better than when you were being taught in school.

People also travel for the sole purpose of learning a new language or digging deeper into a spiritual belief. Come to think of it: If we all interacted firsthand with all the faiths and spirituality in the world, would the fallacies and prejudices that people have against one another be as prevalent as they are now? Very unlikely.

Travelling brings invaluable friendships to your life

Forget about social media friendships. Travelling allows you to widen your network of real friends. If you are travelling for business, you get to meet people with whom you share interests and dreams. These are people will help you grow professionally and in business. And if you are on a social visit, you can easily meet a friend who later in life will host you in their home country or state, and of course, you can reciprocate when they are in yours.

In conclusion, if you looking for a travel destination where you can relax and cool off you should consider Florida. The Sunshine State has loads of activities and experiences on offer. While planning, this is a good palce to find pirivate and affordable vacation rental accommodation.

** This is a guest post by Desa Rome. Desa is an interior designer who travels for inspiration and writes about where she’s been. Her greatest goal is to encourage others by expressing her experiences through her writings. Desa believes that travelling is educational and that sharing is caring.

** Read my Living like a Local in Lisbon. Portugal.

** Pics supplied.


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