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Villa Accommodation

Planning the annual family holiday is one of those activities which despite the eventual reward, can feel like a chore and carry a fair amount of stress as you work to make the right choices. Of course, it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be with such a vast array of apps, accessories and travel guides available to guide you and make it easier and possible, to be more open to spontaneity. In addition, holidaymakers now value their flexibility. This in mind, there are few options quite as flexible, as a villa rental.

Why Book A Villa?

When you think of villas, what kind of images come to mind? Villas come in an array of different architectural styles, they have existed in some form for centuries and continue to be popular today. Although we do generally associate villas with luxury and comfort as historically they have been the strict purview of high society. Only those that were well-off were able to afford to own a villa.

Holidaymakers are always looking for ways that they can get a little bit more peace and quiet, anything to aid their rest and relaxation. It is the ability to unplug and rewind, after all, which is the main appeal of going on holiday, to begin with. There are multiple reasons why villas make perfect holiday accommodation. Wherever you are planning on taking your next holiday, and whoever you will be going with, if you have the option of staying in a villa you should take it.

Villa Accommodation

Amount of Space

The first major selling point of a villa over a hotel room, or most other forms of accommodation, is that they offer a fantastic amount of space. The lump sum that represents the cost of staying in a villa might be more than a hotel, however. If you were to express this same cost in terms of spend per square metre of space available, you will see that the villa offers better overall value.

If you are going to be staying as part of a large group, then you will appreciate the extra volume available too. It can quickly become frustrating when there are a handful of people all trying to share a space that is too small. The surrounding scenery and attractions might be beautiful, but a constant sense of claustrophobia can completely ruin the atmosphere.

Kitchens for the win

Those who prefer to cook their own meals will be able to save quite a lot of money by cooking for themselves in a villa, especially if you are comparing this to going out to eat every night. Those of you who don’t often cook for ourselves, this relaxed setting could nudge you in that direction.

Cooking for yourself also will allow you to experience another side of the local cuisine. Too often, the only food we eat when we visit another country is the food that is served to us in restaurants. This food might not be particularly representative of what the locals eat when they prepare food at home, and you can visit the local markets and supermarkets to get a complete sense of the area.

Better Rates

The rates on villas are better than most hotels, and this goes beyond the price per square metre. Because holiday villas are rented out on a weekly, rather than daily basis, the running expenses are lower, as are many of the overheads. Space and amenities available will, naturally, vary from villa to villa, but on the whole, they represent a much better value for your investment. They are also easier to browse, as you won’t find yourself being priced differently for the same room as you do with hotels. If you go directly to a provider such as Blue Villas and search for a specific area, such as Santorini villas rentals, you are able to filter the villas by price on their website, without having to worry about it being priced lower on another website.

Villa Accommodation

The Privacy Factor

Staying in a luxurious 5-star hotel is certainly a great experience. Being able to spend even a small amount of time in such a luxury setting is the kind of thing that will spoil a person for life. But if privacy is important to you and you’d rather not encounter or engage with the other holidaymakers, then a villa may be much better accommodation option for you.

Not having to worry about sharing space and amenities with other guests removes another layer of stress from your holiday and lets you focus entirely on rest and relaxation.

When the time comes for you to book your next holiday abroad, take the time to investigate what the villa situation is like. Villas make a holiday that little bit more special, they offer a unique way of experiencing a new country and culture while providing you with all the comfort you could desire.

Villa Accommodation

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