Top 5 Wildlife Conservation Holidays.

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The travel industry is returning to itself with wildlife, regenerative and conservation-focused holidays very much the focus. Watching animals interact in their natural habitat is one of the most special ways of escaping everyday life and be reminded of what really matters.

These are the top five wildlife conservation holidays to consider.

1. Visit Rwanda and Uganda for gorilla tracking

As I can confirm from personal experience, seeing a gorilla in the wild is an incredible privilege. Their physical presence is overpowering, and when you get up close to them you can also truly appreciate the intelligence that sparkles in their eyes. Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the perfect place for a gorilla watching experience – and where I took mine. If you choose to go to Rwanda, be directed to the Virunga Mountains for an unforgettable opportunity to see these impressive, yet very vulnerable primates.

2. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are as biologically diverse as you can get, and they’re a must-visit for any true wildlife enthusiast. Charles Darwin is the most prominent visitor to have toured this Island, and much of the wildlife here inspired his famous Theory of Evolution. With animals and birds that won’t be found anywhere else – including incredible giant tortoises – the Galapagos Islands promise you something you’ve never seen before.

3. Whale watching

As we know from the Southern Right Whales that annually frequent our shoreline, it’s breathtaking to watch gigantic whales breaching the surface of the ocean, before disappearing back into its depths with a thunderous splash. Whale watching has grown in popularity, and there are now whale watching boat trips available across the world. Iceland is a particularly popular destination, as there you’ll be able to see humpback whales, minke whales, as well as orcas.

4. Grizzly bears in the Rockies

Grizzly bears are only among the eight remaining bear species on earth. Watching an animal so huge and powerful can leave you speechless, and if you are at the right place at the right time, you could even spot some bear cubs at play. A dream for sure. The Rocky Mountains are the perfect place to come face to face with them – and the beautiful scenery here isn’t bad either.

5. Wildlife in Europe

Although European wildlife may be somewhat less celebrated, it isn’t any less impressive when compared to the more exotic locations mentioned above. Whether your intentions are bird watching, bear watching, or you just want to enjoy seeing wolves and foxes, there are some exciting encounters awaiting discoveries.

Wildlife conservation holidays are an ideal way to escape the usual hustle and bustle of the workplace or city life. These wildlife conservation spots have been carefully researched and hand-picked to give you the maximum thrills during your vacation. Personally, I’ve experienced only three of the five, but keep grizzly bear tracking and the Galapagos firmly on my radar.



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