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World Ocean Day should be every day.

Ocean Blues. One of my favourite pics taken in the waters of Mauritius while out snorkelling for the day off One&Only Le Saint Géran. In moments like these, actually on any day that I get to gaze upon and enjoy the oceans, I am reminded of it’s force, fragility, neglect and need for our intervention.

On ‪#‎WorldOceansDay‬ this is ‪#‎MyOceanPromise‬ list:
– To eat no fish or meat. The overfishing is devastating and the production of beef in particular has a negative impact. (See Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret for more and please all try and cut back on meat.)
– Do beach clean-ups – there are regular organised ones, or just make a habit of picking up litter as you go. 
– Never use straws, we really don’t need them. 
– Avoid plastic bags best we can. Make a habit of carrying a shopping bag and eventually eradicating them from my life.

For more details on the campaign, please see my post here: Support World Oceans Day and Two Oceans Aquarium with a #MyOceanPromise

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