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Thailand. True to their Green Pearl Unique Place’s membership, Zeavola Resort has a commendable philosophy that focuses on long term sustainable and community practices.

When chatting with Florian Hallerman, the most relaxed barefoot GM I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, it is clear that he has his keen and professional eye on of every aspect of this well run and charming luxury resort. He may make it look like it happens magically in the background, but truth is his deep commitment to doing the right thing for the environment, has him and his team, working tirelessly to achieve their success.

Some of the things that they do towards sustainable practices, include the following:

– Last year Zeavola Resort won the ‘World’s Best Sustainable Boutique Hotel’ where they were recognised for working close with nature whilst running a five star establishment.

– Energy is conserved with sensor lighting, a key tag system energy saving light bulbs while water, which comes from local wells, is treated and after use and returned to water the garden. They create their own compost from cuttings and waste and have a policy that nothing will be burnt.

– Three times a day the beach in front of the resort is cleaned, with beach cleaning taking place at tourist destinations near the resort. The coral reef is cleaned by the dive team and guests can assist if they come across anything while in the water.

– They give back to the local community through employment as well as working with the local school on a weekly basis with a feeding program, arranging an annual children’s party, assisting in renovations at the Laem Tong school and visiting to support the elders of the Sea Gypsey Community near Songkram. They actually sell postcards in the gift shop, which are prints of the children’s art work, with all proceeds going back to the school.

– They have a close relationship with the flora and fauna found in the area with Zeavola Resort developing it’s own birdwalk, which highlights the 18 species found here. They offer care to injured birds and have added fruit trees to encourage more bird life. Also rescuing lone monkeys and relocating them to safety when required.

– One of the most inspiring projects is their installation of over 20 anchor buoys around the northern part of the island’s Marine National Park, allowing numerous boats to be secured to one single anchor, eliminating the need for individual weight anchors that repeatedly damage the sea floor. Dropping anchors can be very damaging to the coral beds.

– The efforts of ‘Coral Freedom’ is focussed on reversing the devastating effects of corla bleaching, a result of global warming and pollution, which has seen over 10000 coral fragments replanted around Phi Phi Island from Zeavola’s coral nursery.

– As part of the Green Fins project, they are committed to increasing public awareness that will benefit the conservation of the coral reefs. Actually, before going into the water to snorkel, the guide gave us essential pointers about not touching, being careful not to damage coral with our fins and not taking anything with us.

All very heartwarming practices from Phi Phi’s leading and most loved diving eco-resort, who constantly show their dedication to protecting the biodiversity of the island while looking for unique ways to connect with their guests. This is symbiosis at its best and the lessons are subtle and long lasting.


The above bags with housekeeping goodis make carrying easier.

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