Point of Honour. Poetry from Lisbon.

Lisbon Poetry

Ponto De Honra

Desassossego a paixão espaço aberto nos meus braços
Insubordino o amor desobedeço e desfaço
Desacerto o meu limite incendeio o tempo todo
Vou traçando o feminino tomo rasgo e desatino

Contrario o meu destino digo oposto do que ouço

Evito o que me ensinaram invento troco disponho
Recuso ser meu avesso matando aquilo que sonho

Salto ao eixo da quimera saio voando no gosto

Sou bruxa. Sou feiticeira. Sou poetisa e desato. Escrevo e cuspo na fogueira

Point of Honour (losely translated)

Unsettled passion, open space in my arms. Insubordination. Love, disobedience and debasement.
I miss my limit. On fire all the time. I’m tracing the feminine. I drink the folly.

Contrary to my destiny, I say the opposite of what I hear.

I avoid what they taught me. I change invention.
I refuse to be inside out, killing what I dream.

Jump to the axis of the chimera, I’m flying in the air

I’m a witch. I’m a witch. I’m a poet and I unleash. I write … and I spit in the fire.

About the Poet Maria Teresa Horta

Maria Teresa Horta attended the College of Letters from the Classical University of Lisbon. Journalist and literary critic, she was the first woman to exercise executive functions in film club. She is known as one of the most important Portuguese leading feminists. She made her debut in poetry in 1960 with Initial Mirror, and participated the following year in the volume Poetry 61, with Tattoo. Along the sixties she publishes Submerged Citadels, Coincidental Summer, Inhabited Love, Chandelier, Winter Garden and Chronicler is not Recado.

In 1971, My Lady of Me, which was seized by the political police of the Salazar dictatorship, in 1975 Sentimental Education and in 1977 Women of April .. In the eighties she publishes Bloody Rose, The Angels and My Mother my Love (which earned the prize Poetry Women Magazine). Destiny and Love Only are edited in 1990.

In 2006 she publishes Inquietude and (in France) Les Sorcières – Sorceresses, a bilingual edition from Actes Sud, translated by Catherine Dumas and in 2009 Poesia Reunida. In Brazil were published in the year of 2007 two poetry anthologies: Personal Anthology + 22 Unpublished Poems (7letras) and Secret Words (Escrituras Editora). The book Poems of Brazil was edited in 2009, by Brasiliense Editora, of S. Paulo.

In 1970 she debuts at romance with Both Hands On The Body followed by New Portuguese Letters together with Maria Isabel Barreno and Maria Velho da Costa. This book, was edited in several countries and the three authors were the target of a lawsuit for “moral offending public”. In the novel she also published Ema (that earned the prize Women’s Fiction Fiction) and Passion Second Constance H. Maria Teresa Horta earned several prizes, and was distinguished, in 2004, by the Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio, the “Great Officer of the Order of the Infante D. Henrique”.

Source: Lyrikline.org

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